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KR pest control is an esteem driven association

KR Pest control Services began its central goal to make the locales of human home, free of pests from the year 2013.since then the association has achieving breakthroughs of achievement. This is reflected in the various acknowledgment and gratefulness, the association accomplished as renowned customers. KR pest control is an esteem driven association.

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High Quality

We always strive to give high quality pest services.


We are very economical and we are suitable for any budget.

General Pest Management

General Pest Management or pest management concedes the control of live creepy crawlies and also concealing bugs.

General Disinfestations

Cockroaches, kissing bugs, red ants, silverfish, and divider reptiles are vermin that flourish around human residences.

Lizard control Solutions

They regularly come through open windows and entryways. House reptile is additionally called a gecko.

Comprehensive Mosquito Management

White Ants as they are regularly known as social creepy crawlies that live underground in millions of settlements.

Total Rats & Rodents management solutions

Ordinarily known as rats, mice, and gerbils are among the best and inexhaustible warm blooded animals on the earth.

Comprehensive Termite Management

Termites are for the most part pale darker to white. They eat anything containing cellulose i.e. wooden doors, furniture etc..,

We provide

Ecological pest control services

We hold fast to worldwide nourishment security gauges KR PEST CONTROL SERVICES are focused on being the most trusted wellspring of giving best pest control administrations to our clients.

We have the market nearness of over 5 years in the field of pest control administrations. KR pest control is an esteem driven association. Our saying is to benefit and to fulfill our clients. The organization appreciates a renowned position among its rivals in south India. We have actualized propel innovation in bug control, enabled by creative and all around experienced staff.

We, at KR Pest Control Services offer all sorts of mechanical nuisance control administrations and termites control administrations and so on we are capable in giving the best administrations to control termites, rodents, cockroaches, mosquitoes and other hurtful irritations

Quality Policy

We guarantee you that every one of the administrations we offer to get alleviation from the vermin are compelling profoundly. The giving administrations can never make harm the floor and the structures of the house. To give Eco-accommodating bug control administrations of unrivaled quality, we have embraced time tried, safe application techniques and have utilized an in fact equipped work constrain. Business customer will be given a bug grown-up. It is a quality report of the present vermin pervasion/circumstance that is started by the QA division of KR PEST CONTROL SERVICES this will likewise give strategy and cures required to capture the issue productive, keeping their measures high and their nuisance issue low.